4 Essential Elements for Business Success: Achieving a Competitive Advantage

Competition is fierce in any industry, and the success of a company is a reflection of the strength of the team behind it. To ensure success, there are four key elements that must be taken into account: product, market, people, and money. By analyzing these four elements, you can gain a better understanding of the big picture and create a competitive advantage. As an expert strategist, I believe that many management teams don't fully understand how the different parts of their business fit together.

To develop a new strategic direction, you must first understand what is at the core of your business before making any changes. I have identified four elements that should be taken into account when discussing strategy. While they are not all you need to define your business model and outline a winning strategy, gaining clarity on these four elements will help anchor the rest of the important aspects of your business.


Money is essential for any business to get off the ground. Without enough funds to keep the company afloat while it's being created, there may not be much chance of success.

To help conceptualize, formulate, and understand your new business, here is a list of basic questions that will guide you through each step: Who are you serving with your product or service offering? What technology can you use to improve customer experience? What tasks need to be completed for each internal business activity? How can you prioritize and sequence individual activities within each element?

10 Keys to Business Success

You must also consider how each element affects the overall success of your business. To objectively evaluate the 10 keys to business success, they are arranged alphabetically. These include: brand development strategy, customer experience, marketing plan, marketing strategy, media plan, product or service offering, technology, tasks needed to complete activities, website texts, and email campaigns.

Creating a Competitive Advantage

By controlling the four main elements of business success and defining and controlling the activities within each element, you can create a true competitive advantage. Understanding these four elements will help you see the big picture more clearly and increase your chances of success.