3 Proven Strategies to Motivate Your Employees

Creating a positive work environment is essential for any business to thrive. But how can business leaders boost employee motivation? To help answer this question, members of the Forbes Business Council shared their 14 key strategies for leaders seeking to strengthen employee engagement over the long term. Rewarding employees doesn't have to be monetary all the time; simple things like having a week of personal parking in the office would suffice. According to a recent study by Dale Carnegie, less than 25% of employees who are not managers are fully motivated and engaged.

This is an issue that needs to be addressed. The answer is to create simple but effective motivating factors within your company culture. Here are 3 proven ways to motivate your employees to do their best:1.Create a Pleasant Workplace: The average full-time adult employee spends 40 hours a week in the same office, with the same people. As a manager, making sure that your employees are content with the people they work with is essential to keep them motivated and focused on their tasks.


One of the main factors that motivate employees is the feeling that their wants and needs are being heard at work. Conduct this survey face-to-face or with an employee motivation survey that includes a series of interview questions about employee motivation.

Refine your motivation strategy as you get to know the people in your company and they will reward you with greater dedication and a positive outlook for the company's future.

3.Provide Training:

Having a personal relationship with your staff members will make you more pleasing to their eyes and will help you better understand your team to discover what motivates each person individually. For example, offering training in first aid, budget management or IT can motivate employees to expand their skills. Keeping your employees motivated to work hard and do their best is key to a successful and healthy business. Active leaders who make an impact by leading in a way that gets results from their examples offer the best opportunities to motivate others.