12 Challenges Business Managers Face and How to Overcome Them

Small business managers and owners are faced with a multitude of challenges when it comes to managing their businesses. From finding the necessary funding to create products that attract customers, hiring and retaining qualified employees, meeting objectives, and staying up-to-date with laws and regulations, the list of challenges is seemingly endless. To be successful in overcoming adversity, managers need to have a comprehensive understanding of all business functions, including marketing, product development, and the responsibilities of all departments. Personality tests such as 16 personalities, the Four Trends questionnaire, or Myers Briggs can help managers better comprehend their team and communicate more effectively.

Before deciding to let go of employees, it is important to conduct a root cause analysis to see if there is any way to keep them on the team. Exhaustion has become a hot topic in the business world, with a recent Gallup survey revealing that 23% of 7,500 full-time employees felt burned out most of the time and an additional 44% felt burned out at times. As a coach, it is essential to find the balance between great performance and taking care of your health and that of your team. Managing regulations and compliance has become one of the most prominent challenges faced by managers today. Companies have had to respond quickly to new guidelines related to the pandemic and to changes in the political environment.

A lack of training and structure is often the first challenge most business development managers face. Companies should invest in providing the right training to business development managers so they can better manage their time and accept change. It takes a considerable amount of capital to expand a business, such as allocating money for advertising or new products. Business development managers are responsible for researching and planning for growth opportunities, lead generation, cold outreach, networking, client meetings, etc. Finding new opportunities for growth is just one of the many challenges that business development managers face.

Communicating your company's plans and objectives (perhaps with the help of an employee loyalty program) will help employees realize that you are enthusiastic about the company's future. Finding the right software solutions in which to invest on behalf of their organizations is another challenge faced by business development managers. Behavioral compliance poses challenges when it comes to managing behavior in today's hybrid work environment. Establishing and maintaining customer relationships is another common challenge for a business development manager. Ensuring diversity and inclusion in the workplace has become one of the biggest challenges faced by modern organizations today. Managers or business owners must establish credit through a bank in order to obtain loans when they need them.

As a company grows and the organizational structure evolves, departments are formed to fulfill clear functions. Being able to work well under pressure and transform problems into opportunities can differentiate you and make you a successful business development professional.